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Bike Rider Lives!!!

Hey everybody,

Been a while right? I know, I know…my bad. It’s how long since I made a good ol’ Ash post? In my defence, my head has a bit quite cloudy as of late, anxiety has really pushed my writing close to a stalemate. My only saving grace has been the project I started a while ago with a new daily-ish post under the “Today” category of Earth to Ash. It’s kept me somewhat active and it’s helped me work through my anxiety. Rotten days. I do want to take a sec though, and thank all of you for the positive feedback with the Today thing, and based on the spike in my followers I consider this category a success. Continue reading “Bike Rider Lives!!!”

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Still Lost – ‘took this pic on my run’

DSC_0058.JPGServed purpose, now kicked away.
Maybe lost, surely forgotten.
I catch my breath in thought,
thinking about your story.
How long will you lay there?
Facing the sun,
full of hope that someone comes searching.
’til then…you’ll wait.