Fight for the Write

I have sat in front of this blinking cursor for far too long now and to tell you the truth, I’ve had enough. Once again, I find myself in a creative tug-of-war with my writing. I have yet to determine if it’s just another round of writers’ block or if some real life fallout has become too much of a distraction lately. I’d be inclined to go with the latter but I really don’t know what it is, could be a combination of both. What I do know for sure, is that I’m getting this post out of me one way or another. Yes, I have be still updating my journal entries, but it’s been how long now since I have done a good ol’ Ash entry?

First, let me just say that I hope everyone’s summer has been awesome so far. We are nearing the end of July and I hope you’re all getting a chance to enjoy lots of fun, food, and festivities and that it’s surrounded by all your friends and family. I also hope the weather’s been cooperating too, here in my corner of the world there’s no complaints. Actually, we only started to get good weather at the beginning of July, I was reminded of that fact last week while talking with some coworkers. Funny, it only takes a few weeks of good weather where I’m from to completely make you forget how horrible the rest of the 2018 has been. Weather is a big deal around here and you can’t go a day without the topic finding its way into your daily conversations. It’s a big part of our culture as Newfoundlanders.
What exactly have I been up to? Let’s get up to speed. Well, like I said, because of the great weather, there’s been a lot of summer leisure going on for sure. BBQ’s, walks, runs, and movies have been a staple. Oh, and two of my fiancés brothers visited us this past month as well, Craig and Jason. We had a lot fun in the short two weeks they were here. I even managed to get in a bike ride with her brother Craig (see below), who is also an avid bike rider. We had the gusto one fine day and hit the trails. The further we went, the further we wanted to go, truly a great time and all said and done we managed to go 61 kilometers covering 7 towns. I’ll never forget that ride for a long time because I couldn’t sit for two days afterwards.
It was refreshing having somebody on the trails with me for a change. It gave me that extra push at times. Each time I figured he wanted to turn and go back, he kept on suggesting to go further, so we did. Because of that, we ended up taking in some beautiful sites. Sites that for the first time, I was seeing them from the perspective of a bike, it was awesome.


Craig felt that since it had been so long since he set his foot in the lapping shores of Newfoundland, he had to do a ceremonial dip of the toe. All to keep your islander status of course. Also above, we happened upon a property that had the largest stalks of Rhubarb that I had ever seen, and I love Rhubarb, so did Craig. It was tempting to grab a whole bunch and make a break for it but we’re both pussies, so we didn’t.


Hey, I’m on a roll here, let’s keep going shall we? Also, while Craig was here, I got the chance to play a game that I hadn’t played since high school — “Ping Pong!” Craig and I visited the local university and dropped by the physical education building. While there we grabbed a few paddles from the equipment room and have had it. Talk about a blast from the past, table tennis is so much fun, I could have stayed there all day no joke. What a workout, too bad we were in jeans and too bad my hair was so flat.



OK, let’s end here on a winning note, even though it was Craig’s. I’m winning anyway because I think I accomplished my goal of getting something written and published, it might not be much, but I’m already feeling better that it’s done. I’ve written more in the last few days than in a while, so I finally feel like I’m getting through this round of block or whatever it’s been. I’m also glad that in pumping out this entry, I gave you a little insight of my blogging whereabouts. I have said this before but sometimes the hardest thing to do is to just write, slap those keys and hit publish. It’s easy, like riding a bike….oh wait?



4 thoughts on “Fight for the Write

  1. What a super fantastic post Ash. I don’t know what got into you, but great stuff, memes, images, videos, details, and all. No suffering from writer’s block this day.

    What self-respecting fellow bloggers wouldn’t want to engage in getting to know more About their blogger pals. No hand up here. Way 😎!

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