Journal Entry # 33 – One Sunday

Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.
– Dr. Suess

8 thoughts on “Journal Entry # 33 – One Sunday

  1. Dr. Suess is certainly a wise cat isn’t he?! Love all your old pictures Ash. Thanks for sharing bits and pieces of your life. I can always gather a few smiles looking at them. Memories are so precious, even the shared ones!

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    1. Thanks Sparky. Sometimes life gets away from us. It’s until we take a sec and realize what matters that we appreciate how short our time is, so enjoy every last moment. Glad you enjoyed.

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      1. Life can run amok at times, or so our thoughts tell us. As you mentioned, realizing what matters is key. I’m not exactly sure why this sometimes appears to be difficult. I believe if we give it a deep think, we’ll soon realize that which really matters can be counted on one hand.

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