Ashback # 3 – Very Very Sneaker there Mother!


Hello all,
I can’t recall the year, couldn’t even guess, but yours truly used to rock those kicks you see above. How cool was I? Gosh, I was about ten, eleven, maybe even twelve. I’m telling you, they had me at “that cool thing that I drink is now on my shoes”. Right away, I was awestruck. I stared and stared at those “make me the coolest guy in school” sneakers for as long as I could. A crosswalk had flashed don’t walk, so I had about a minute to take it in before we had to move on. I could almost touch them. They were right there behind a thin pane of glass, front and center, on display in the storefront of a sports apparel store. The whole time I was hoping that my mother at some point, might have seen me drolling and bought them for me. You see, I was a very shy kid and the chances of me asking for them straight out were pretty slim. Although go ahead and ask her now, she’ll tell you that I definitely don’t mind asking anymore. Love you, mom! No, dear readers, my signals must have gone unnoticed as my mother didn’t even turn around, didn’t even flinch. Then, just what I needed, the crosswalk switched and the little glowing man taunted me away from the window. I gave chase to the rest of the gang. Those Coke sneakers were all I could think about the whole way home, or more specifically, back to my aunt and uncles place in the city where we were visiting.

It’s true, no matter what, that day will forever be etched in my soul. It’s a great memory, one that I hold super close to my heart. I really wish I could remember the exact date, only because later that day, shortly after we returned from the walk we took downtown. Mother, out of the sight of my two sisters, slipped me a brand new fifty dollar bill. My eyes were like saucers. She did see me drolling, after all, yes she was watching the whole time. I was the happiest kid in the world that summer afternoon. Without a second thought, I grabbed ahold of that fifty dollar bill tight and flew down as quick as my two legs could carry me. Threw open the door and pointed the store clerk in the direction of the sneakers. I laid my money on the counter, the blood slowly rushing back into my unclinched fist. With a crash of the register, the transaction was finally complete, the shoes were mine. Anxious, I fled the store faster than I got there, didn’t even wait for the bag.

What a day, if you read my stuff often, you know I love me some good memories. This gem popped up in my mind a few days ago. I made a note to google the shoe and when I did, I came across the above pic and couldn’t help but smile. I also felt the need to share this Ashback with you, my readers. These Ashbacks are cool, for me at least, you a fan of these posts? Now, for the sake of asking, would there be a certain item of clothing that always takes you back when you think of it? Something still possibly hanging in the closet or recently donated to a charity that holds a fond memory or two? Love to hear about it.

Oh, and by the way, to this day, since I now live in the same city where I bought the sneakers. I sometimes pass by that exact storefront and can you guess what sneaker always “pops” to mind? I know, I know… Ouch!!


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