Happy National Indigenous Peoples Day!!!

Hey Everyone,

It’s National Indigenous Peoples Day here in Canada, and given that I’m 3rd generation myself, I am dedicating today’s entry to my grandmother. She was Mi’kmaw, and a member of the Miawpukek First Nation. I’m currently a voting member of the reservation band council and have been for many years now.

Unfortunately, my grandmother died when I was little and we never got to share the earth for very long. That makes me sad, but it also makes me beyond proud to share the same bloodline as someone with such a rich cultural background. When I think of that branch of my family tree, being that it’s my dad’s side, it certainly fills in a lot of those gaps of who I am as a person. By discovering where I came from, I am discovering the real me.

So, today….today, I celebrate her in my very own way. I celebrate my grandmother, and I celebrate all the indigenous people past, present, and future. Not only here in Newfoundland and Labrador, and not only here in my country of Canada, but I celebrate all the indigenous people the world over.


To learn more about the Mi’kmaw people of Newfoundland and Labrador, and the community where my grandmother story began, just follow this various links scattered throughout this post.

Annnnd…because I am a sucker for a good quote. I leave you with a quote from Dr. Rita Joe who was a Mi’kmaw poet and songwriter. Very fitting for a day like today.

I was only a housewife with a dream to bring laughter to the sad eyes of my people and trusting the anchor we live by to complete the woven tale we are still telling. We Are the Dreamers Dr. Rita Joe, 1932-2007


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