Story Jots # 2 – A Million Problems

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Listen, it’s not safe for us to be here like this, but I needed to make sure you’ll look after her for me. Like you promised. You have to. All of a sudden, I’m a millionaire, and if the wrong person finds out, I’m dead.

8 thoughts on “Story Jots # 2 – A Million Problems

    1. Thank you. You know, it’s weird. I was thinking some time ago and this idea just came to me. Like you said, it’s a prompt…but it’s just creative vomit. I use a paper journal when I am really trying to create. I flip on some Jazz and completely zone out and these things are the result. When my first one got some attention, I was Hmmmmm! I’m super stoked you like it. By all means, take my ball and run if you are so inclined some time in your process. Stay tuned for more!! I’m also feeling more confident after reading your reactions.

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      1. LIke most of my ventures, it sometimes happens by accident. I’m having fun with it. And, yeah, Jazz has a certain effect on me and allows me to escape. How about you? You a fan of jazz? or what’s your poison?

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