Journal Entry # 195 – At This Stage, Change Is Good!

A self that goes on changing is a self that goes on living. – Virginia Woolf

Hey all,

We’re all moved into the new house, stuff is still everywhere, and now that the internet is back into my life after three long days off the grid, I can write again. Writing withdrawal is real. Anyway, there’s much to see, to show, and to talk about, and I cannot wait to. Buuut, there’s a lingering bit of a to-do list to knock out, so this has to be quick.

OK, maybe a tiny blip before I go…

As soon as I was able to relax today after said moving and the last few weeks of go-go-go, I found myself finally getting excited about the sudden change of address. Why? Because while on a walk just a few hours ago, I became overwhelmed. Overwhelmed with feelings of inspiration and content. It was actually peaceful. Like my soul was decompressing all caught up in the perspective you see captured in the photo. Yes, as I stood overlooking the bay, I got lost in a ponder followed by a boyish smile. Memories of my actual home came flooding back. This place is a lot like it, it has the same feel. Got to say, I genuinely felt happy for the first time in a very long time. Inside, I was repeating, “Ash, it’s OK…you can say you’re happy out loud, go ahead.” You know, change can be intimidating for sure, but when I think about it, maybe it’s change that’s missing, change can be good.

My friends, it seems the smell of the salty ocean has awaken me, it has rejuvenated this simple boy from out around the bay. It was as if the sea was calling me, because it kind of felt like I was answering something. God, there’s so much beneath the layers of this, I can’t wait to trigger and explore it further. Though, I’m getting way too far ahead of myself. Truth is, I now feel coming to a place like this was way overdue. Sure, it took only a short stroll down to a stage to remind me. Remind me of that salt that runs through these veins of mine. We have a saying here on the island that goes something like, “You can take the man from the bay, but you sure can’t take the bay from the boy“. Cleary, it’s 1000% the case right here, right now…for me.

Thanks for popping by, take care.


6 thoughts on “Journal Entry # 195 – At This Stage, Change Is Good!

    1. Thanks for this. Yeah, basically almost everything except central could be considered a bay, you’re right lol. And, it has yes. It’s like taking a deep breath down to your toes. Stay tuned and take care.

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