Out of Body, Into Life

Photo by Britt Pigat on Pexels.com

today, the air was different
I paid attention to the seabirds
watched the tide go all the way out
to my left, a boat hummed away from the harbour
to my right, lost sheep chew green grass into yellow
a car passes by and the people wave
while Jack the black cat sits still on a picket fence
and Patti, the old neighbour strokes the last drop of paint
…against his saltbox home
I am shaken by something I can’t understand
an algorithm of existing in a moment of my life
seeing clear because that life stopped me in my tracks
pushed my breath straight to my lungs
grew my heart for the love of living
filled me with the longing for more
I know now that there is something more to every day
my heart was smothered and my soul blinded
until my spirit had enough and awakened

4 thoughts on “Out of Body, Into Life

    1. Stop that. You’re going to make me tear up again. I had a rough day yesterday and if I could talk to you face the face I know you would understand. I had some sort of out of body yesterday that made me see my life differently. Like the universes shook me. This comment reinforces that. Thanks, my friend this meant a lot. Today is a new day and I’m taking it as a sign. I appreciate you.

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      1. I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been struggling… (I’ve gathered as much from your semi-absence.) Always feel free to email or Twitter message me. Odds are I won’t be able to help but I will listen and might even offer some encouragement.

        I’d be curious to hear about that experience and if – how that has changed you. Great source for a podcast – if it’s something you wouldn’t mind sharing.

        The Universe shaking us… ah, yes… Sometimes we need that to wake up from the coma.

        Hopefully, today’s been bit better. Stay golden!

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      2. You read my mind. I spoke to a colleague today who I trust and mentioned how this experience changed me and how it was prime material for a podcast. So, as always our two minds are alike. I’ll be telling my story and it pleases me to know I have such a good friend in you out there listening. Someone who I’ve never met, but knows me so well. How someday that will change. I also want to thank you for offering you ear and your words of encouragement. I’m lucky to have you in my corner. Take care and until…

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