Earth to Ash Podcast Episode # 8 – Weathered!


2 thoughts on “Earth to Ash Podcast Episode # 8 – Weathered!

  1. Sorry about the loss of your Aunt. And too bad for you that your cousin moved, but… good for them, hopefully.

    Glad to hear that the storm kept out of your way. We have Ian coming at us. We shall see what happens…

    I remember your post about the snowmageddon and you being so snowed in.

    Being religious and seeing the evil in this world, I wonder if God is trying to send us a message with the storms… Not that people ever listen…

    Fall isn’t my most productive. It’s time when I prepare for hibernation/ get ready for the Holidays. I think March-May (so Spring) is my invigorating time of year.

    Such a sweet story about your grandma. And a beautiful poem.

    Keep climbing and stay golden! Sometimes I get annoyed with myself for saying, ‘I’ve been gone so long/ I haven’t written for so long, but now I am back. I must’ and then… not necessarily really being back. But you know what? If it weren’t for this blog of mine, I would have NO motivation to keep climbing out of these holes. So I keep trying, and so I hope you do, too!

    I can get on board with that new tagline.

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    1. Thank you for your comment and your condolences. Yeah that old cancer strikes again. It was a sin she had to go through that herself after enduring her husbands. I am thankful as well that the storm passed us, that was scary stuff. Interesting how we have our own times of the year that we feel the best. You’re right about the writing, I don’t know what I would do without it. It has gotten out of a lot of holes in my life and celebrated the triumphs. Thankful to have it. And finally, thanks of the tagline supper….i appreciate you.

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