(Something I found that I wrote for my mother a long time ago)

Happy Birthday to my mom, to my lovely mother;
your beauty compares, to no other.
Your eyes always glow and twinkle when you smile;
I think back at old times and thought for awhile.
I’m blessed to have a mom with such a big heart and warm soul;
Every day of my life my love for you grows.
I miss you all the time, I wish I was near;
To give you a birthday kiss; to hold you my dear.
Another year as gone by, another year has passed;
Some days we have cried some days we have laughed.
You’re a special person mother, so giving of yourself;
Happiness is all you seek, more than treasures and wealth.
You cared for us all, and always there you would be;
Whether it was the role of a daughter, or a mom to three.

I wrote this today after thinking of you;
I thought to myself what can I do?
So read these lines and listen to what I say;
I want you to celebrate your very special day.
And remember birthdays are but a number, just one more trip around the sun;
It’s your time now mother so go have some fun.
Love Ash

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