A Shade of Ash # 5 – Skate of Emergency

Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness. – Desmond Tutu

Hey friends,

We need positivity and happiness right now. A whole bunch of it. This COVID-19 thing has all of us in a state of emergency. I did one better and declared a personal skate of emergency. One because all the gyms are closed which is driving me nuts and two because I’m usually pretty good with improvising. So, with keeping my social-distance from others, I decided to strap on the rollerblades and head outside for some fresh air. I needed to separate myself from all of it to be honest. I needed a chance to return to the sanctuary of positive thinking. Physical fitness is one way I do that, to clear the mind and reset. It’s a strange time in our lives indeed, but I have full faith that we will get through this. We just need to keep doing our part to stay safe, stay clean, stay protected, and more importantly…stay sane.

Oh, I know there are a lot of you that were probably expecting a 2020 Bike Writer entry, but I think this will do for now. I sold my bike late last year, and whenever the world gets back to normal, I’m definitely first in line for a new one. So, please stay tuned for the return of the Bike Writer real soon.

Stay positive folks, we got this!!!


5 thoughts on “A Shade of Ash # 5 – Skate of Emergency

  1. Ash, I am smiling here. You reminded me of my days playing roller hockey in New York dreaming of playing for the Rangers. I was a goaltender. Thanks for the beautiful memories you brought back. Appreciate that.
    Even with this lockdown, we need to stay active.
    Stay healthy and be safe.
    Hope to see you biking and writing coon.

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    1. Hey Drew, I know right. How many days spent on the road dreaming big and being a big kid. Glad it shook those memories up for you. As soon as I was stickhandling it all came back. Take care bud and I’m glad you’re doing well. Appreciate your comment, my friend.

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