Beacon of Heart

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I wrote a letter 
on a beacon of hope 
gave fate the return address 
but sadly, I still sit and wait
for tomorrow
and tomorrow
maybe tomorrow
but sadly, tomorrow never comes
every day is a search
every day a wish
oh please
but sadly, nothing is found or returned
some days I see shadows
some nights a mirage
could it be
could it be
could it be
but sadly, none of them are really you
there are moments where I believe
there are moments where I truly feel
that I will see you again in time
as it passes
and passes
and passes
but sadly, you're still disappeared

9 thoughts on “Beacon of Heart

      1. I feel lonely sometimes when it comes to writing, but when I see a comment from you it always changes my day around becuase you’re either the shot in the arm I need, or the pat on the back I wasn’t expecting. Means a lot to me. I appreciate you!!!!!

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      2. Nice of you to say.

        I have to say that the loneliness resonates with me. I am so used to hearing writers talk about their parents/spouces/etc. being supportive and involved in their work. They meet to write, etc., but I seem to be the only one around here that likes to write and cares about it. I’ve been thinking of joining a critique group locally but they either seem well-established or very random and online.

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      3. You’re welcome and I feel you. I don’t get the support from my family I thought I would have. Most times, it’s fellow writers like yourself or a random follower. I know I do this for myself in terms of it being an extension of who I am, but it would be nice to hear every now and again. Was up for publisher of the month recently and got radio silence from my mom…that stung. Glad to have people like you in my life. Thank you again. I also see what you are saying about your group.

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      4. Thanks, it came from left field and I was pretty proud of that little acheivement. Many gave me congrats, would have liked it from more who are closer, but life is weird like that sometimes.

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