Earth to Ash Podcast Episode # 5 – Regret (Oh, Daughter, Where Art Thou?)


2 thoughts on “Earth to Ash Podcast Episode # 5 – Regret (Oh, Daughter, Where Art Thou?)

  1. “I need time/space” is a slippery slope because out of sight out of mind…

    I could tell this was going to be a difficult one from the very first word you had spoken – such a different tone of your voice.

    The way you’ve recounted the encounter at the coffee place made me feel as if I was in your shoes. Heart-wrenching.

    Those that know the situation – do they understand why she is behaving that way?

    A beautiful poem.

    It reminded me of something I struggle with… my father hurt me deeply many times for a few years. I never cut him off but did somewhat distance myself. I expected him to try and fix things but instead – he pushed me further and further away and then wondered why I wasn’t as close as he would have wanted. Hearing about all the things you did to get back into, as you put it – her heart made me even sadder because I wish my father tried even a fraction of that… It will be the anniversary of his passing in a couple of days, so this is very timely for me…

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    1. You’re 110% right. A very slippery slope. This one was hard, but it made me feel so good to communicate it this way. I felt like I was releasing a lot of weight off my shoulders to friends. In the end, it was great and I appreciate that you took the time to be an ear for me. You’re one of those people I spoke of. Thanks on the poem. It basically describes how one chance could change it all. On your dad. Oh wow. My condolences🙏. Sad how things play out sometimes. Well, I’m glad you’re in my life and that’s for sure. Take care, friend and stay Golden.

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